Abbie’s 1st Halloween Party + Games @ home

本來打算參加朋友所安排的Halloween Party結果人數不夠但我們依舊進行活動。
坦白說,因為只有兩個BB氣氛真是差一點,我這個careless 的媽媽之忘了替女兒帶costume……

內容除了”Trick or Treat”外還有讓孩子接觸一些在Halloween 見到的東西(bat, spider, pumpkin……)感覺正面沒有什麼鬼鬼怪怪……


自己太鐘情於Montessori及Phonics,所以對於其他育兒方法很少再深究。然外地朋友對於(感統 Sensory Integration)非常熟悉,還即場示範如何在家中跟BB玩,Abbie過了一個很開心的Halloween!!!!

Abbie is playing with Nelson.

We are working with color sorting. (朋友跟我一樣喜歡收集教材,原來她也是幼稚園老師,年資比我還要高,她的兒子social skill 十分OK,一點也不像15個月的BB)

My friend teaches me how to put Abbie on the ball and move forward & backward!

Abbie enjoys all the games, especially playing with the ball.


About Angie Chan

“Early Childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. And I believe learning can via many different ways to explore and experience. It is so much fun when seeing the children finds their ways to learn and love to learn which drive me to keep the passion on working with children.”
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