Abbie @ BXZbYnY CXZpus

I went to trial class on 22Dec. Before the class started I though it is related to Montessori however I was wrong >.< It is a campus for learning English only.

BXZbYnY CXZpus只是學英文跟蒙特梭利無關。

The campus is very large, neat and I can feel the sense of beauty. It is different from another learning center/playgroup. It seems like Regio/ Montessori setting. At least I can’t find the artifical art works from teacher or a lot of colorful things (yellow+red/yellow+blue+orange) that distract the babies’/kids’ attention.


When we came into the Campus, the receptionst asked me to bring Abbie to wash hands. The sink’s size and heigh is suit for the toddlers to clean the hands by themselves (10 likes here^^)


Then we were attracted by the big/large indoor playgroud. We could find the slide, tunnel, see saw……and toys such as puzzles and blocks. (10 likes here^^) 

Teacher invited us to come into the classroom to start the lesson. She began the lesson by using the picture of happy face and sad face. Then we sang the song “If you are happy” and then revised some vocabs (the name of veggie, such as broccoll, carrot, corn, potato). She brought the real veggie and introduce one by one and let the children smell and touch then introduce the name. (It seems like Montessori Approach) but without the written english.


Then the main frame was introduced the vocabs related to Christmas. She used the story book to open the topic then the rest of the lesson she mainly used props to introduce the vocabs such as Santa Claus, reindeer, elf, gift…..

And in between of each vocab we sang some related songs. I was so familized all the nursery rhymes/ children songs/ Christmas songs, that’s why I am quite enjoy the singing time.
The lesson mainly use super simple songs and wiggle.  

We had about 10-15 minutes break in between the lessons (I know baby can’t have an hour attention span but the lesson is quite expensive and we paid $$$$$ for 15 mins break>.<)


Luckily that during the break time, the teacher approached Abbie and played with her^^.


We came back to the lesson and learnt the name “reindeer”. Me and Abbie spotted that it is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. However, teacher didn’t explain the detail of Rudolph. (because I told the story and sang the song to Abbie, Rudolph is a reindeer with a shiny red nose to guide the Santa Claus’s sleigh on froggy Christmas Eve……)

老師介紹reindeer, 聖誔老人有9隻reindeers,每一隻都有名。而老師介紹這一隻叫”Rudolph”,不過她太集中在英文生字上的學習而忽略沒有提及有關故事。從另一角度也可能她想集中在語文知識上,所以不斷重覆”reindeer”

The end of the lesson, teacher fell the snowflakes and sang the Goodbye song^^

After the lesson, we stayed at the campus for a while to let Abbie meet some new friend. I know that I can’t expect she can play with a friend at this age. Nevermind, it was fun to try to put the babies together even though it is not work^^



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“Early Childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. And I believe learning can via many different ways to explore and experience. It is so much fun when seeing the children finds their ways to learn and love to learn which drive me to keep the passion on working with children.”
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  1. Mow Hoi Ching says:

    Would you mind tell me what’s the name of the playgroup you go?

  2. Gloria says:

    Name and place pls?

  3. Mow Hoi Ching says:

    Have you joined finally?

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