Introduce letter sound by using Sandpaper Letter (3PL)

I am not a native speaker so please kindly don’t challenge my accent. And this is one of the  effective way to introduce/ Revision letter sound to the young child.

This is the basic part of learning letter sounds by using Montessori 3PL method.

The name of this teaching method is called 3 period name lesson. And it is widely used in Montessori Curriculum. This is one of the effective way to let the children learn the name of object/sound. It seems a little bit boring when using this method, but some educators state that this is the good way which let the child focus on what they are going to learn.

Through the presentation the child can understand the letter formation (by tracing the sandpaper letter and have the tactile feeling) and the letter sound . Traditionaly there are no songs in this method but I found this is hard for the child to remeber so you will find I used some songs to let the child recall her memory.

One more thing, Montessori stressed that it is no need to praise the children becasue when the children work with the material, they will gain the happiness by themselves (internally). However, sometimes I find that children need support and praise, and a smile/ wording that can encourage them keep going. Why not?

1st Period, Introduce the sounds

2nd Period, Have the child to regconize each sound

3rd Period, Ask the child to read/say the letter sound

About Angie Chan

“Early Childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. And I believe learning can via many different ways to explore and experience. It is so much fun when seeing the children finds their ways to learn and love to learn which drive me to keep the passion on working with children.”
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