Object Permanent Box With Tray

The theory of Object Permanent was initiated by a Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget (1896-1980).

What is Object Permanence(物件守恒)?

It general means an awareness that objects continue to exist even when out of sight. For newborns objects that disappear simply cease to exist “out of sight, out of mind.”

初生BB未有物件守恒的概念,在他們角度如果物件不在眼前就等於沒有。若你跟一個約六個月大的孩子,在他的面前玩玩具,當他投入後,你把玩具收藏起來,他會完全沒有意識要找回來,是因為他已經out of mind,情況一樣,但若你跟一個12個月的孩子,當你把玩具收藏起,他會找的。

所以這也是其中一個原因為什麼小孩子喜歡玩pee ka poo。

For detail you can visit this site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_permenance#cite_note-Kitajima-6

For the Object Permanent Box, it allows the children experience that out of sight doesn’t mean not exist. It does help the children to aware that the object continue to exist. And the other aim can help the child eye-hand co-ordination when they put the ball into the hole.


Children do love to work with it, because they like to manipulate the object repeatly and love to see the outcome as they predit.

Abbie takes the ball and try to put it in the hole. Of course she fails to do so, becasue she loves licking the ball >.<

However, when I put the ball in the hole the ball appear again she stared it and check where the ball is. She may gain the experience from this material. (當我把球放入箱時,她緊緊的看著,尋找球在哪裡。她可能獲得此概念)





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