Using both hands (左右手一起用!)



反正兩歲前BB都未發展慣用手(dominant hand),所以我會間中讓Abbie左右手抓不同的物件(可能一件玩具會發聲、另一件玩具顏色會較吸引),最終,Abbie會兩邊手看了看(數秒),便會掉下其中一個玩具,專心Explore一件玩具。大概可能BB每次接收訊息是有Quota的,就像初生的嬰孩他們會閉上眼睛專心吸吮牛奶吧!


  • 讓BB兩手抓握玩具
  • 讓BB把一件玩具由一隻手轉移另一隻手


Abbie tries to hold the toys in both hands!

And then as you see in the pictures, she loves the “pink dougnut” and let go the rattle! 

  1. Try to let your baby to hold things in both hands. It would help to stimulate the whole brain, also the left right hand/ eye hand co-ordination.
  2. Or you can have the baby to transfer the object from one hand to another hand^^

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