Montessori Practical Life – Transfer object with tongs

It is very easy to set this kind of activity at home what you need is a tray, 2 bowls, marbles (or any objects that can transfer by tongs).
This activity aims are refine children eye hand co-ordination, fine motor skill and introduce the concept of left to right. You can introduce this activity for your child when he/she is 2.5 years old or above.


  1. Introduce the material and activity to the child.
  2. Bring the child to the shelf where the transfer object with tongs material is kept and have him to carry the material on the work area.
  3. Show the child how to hold the tongs with pencil grip.
  4. Holding the tongs with three dominant fingers of right hand, and start transferring the marbles to empty right bowl.
  5. Transferring the marbles one at a time until the left bowl is empty.
  6. Checks for spillage, if any. Pick it up with pencil grip and place it in the right bowl.
  7. Transferring the marbles back to the left bowl in the same way which has presented before.

*Remark: To avoid any choking hazard, adult supervision is highly recommended for children under 3.

About Angie Chan

“Early Childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. And I believe learning can via many different ways to explore and experience. It is so much fun when seeing the children finds their ways to learn and love to learn which drive me to keep the passion on working with children.”
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